Instrument and Amp Repair

Stringed Instrument Repair

Repair NewErnie says, "If it's got strings I can fix it!" His favorite thing to do is to work on vintage guitars — especially old Strats and Fenders.

"They're smart instruments," he says, "They'll do anything you tell them to, just like a little chemistry set."

Bring your guitar, bass or other stringed instrument into Ben Jack's when you need a customized set-up job. Everyone has personal preferences when it comes to the action etc., and we're happy to work with you to make playing as comfortable as possible.

Whether you're ready to customize, ready to upgrade to a better pick-up, or simply need any other part replaced, we hope you'll bring it in to Ben Jack's for professional, experienced service.

Amplifier & Electronics Repairs

Ben Jack's Amplifier and Electronics repair department performs warranty repairs on nearly any amplifier or other electronic devices (effects pedals, etc.) from Ben Jack's. Unlike the big box stores, Ben Jack's has Sales and Service.

Don't forget! Ben Jack's also has:

Parts & Accessories
At Ben Jack's, we have the largest selection of accessories and repair parts in the area. From tubes to knobs to drum heads to transformers to casters to grillcloth — we've probably got it.
You've got your guitar cleaned up and set up, do you need a few lessons to get you started or maybe want to add a few hot country licks to your lick trick bag? Ben Jack's offers guitar, bass, and drums lessons. Learn from the best local music teachers right here at Ben Jack's!



Hometown Support

Purchases made at locally OWNED and operated retail stores keeps your money working for your hometowns roads, schools and other community services. Mail order, Internet, and Big Box Store purchases diverts local bank deposits and tax revenues out of town certainly, and probably, out of state. Recent studies indicate what good old common sense would suggest. Of every dollar spent on the internet, 0% goes back into your local economy. Of every dollar spent in a national or regional chain store, only 40%-60% stays local. But of every dollar spent in a locally owned store like Ben Jack's, 100% goes back into your hometown! When you stop and consider that prices are the same wherever you buy your next guitar, why would you even consider shopping online or in a national chain? Support your hometown locally owned merchants; they are supporting you!


Where can you find the best selection of Epiphone guitars and basses in the world? Right here in Northwest Arkansas at Ben Jacks Arkansas Music. Ben Jacks has carried Epiphone since the day they first opened in 1965. No music store does it better, has done it longer or knows more about Epiphone guitars. Also no music store has a larger selection of more models and colors and no music store, online or mail order store sells cheaper than Ben Jacks! Big box and online stores often sell used "returns" as new instead of half price or better. If they do acknowledge that a returned instrument is used, they only knock off about 10-15% instead of half or better like they should. ALL new Epiphones at Ben Jacks are NEW! Guaranteed. Considering the above, Ben Jacks is YOUR Epiphone World Headquarters and we are busting at the seams with NEW Epiphone Guitars! Your new Epiphone us waiting for you now at Ben Jacks Arkansas Music.

We Will Not Be Undersold!

Your best deal will always be right here at home at Ben Jacks, your hometown music store! We will match or beat ANY Competitors price on new instruments, amps, drums, keyboards and PA gear, in-stock or special order. Take the Ben Jacks Challenge. Find your best deal and bring it to us. Or, cut to the chase and come straight to us first! We want the deal and we will prove it to you! No reasonable offer will be refused on our entire stock of name brand instruments,drums and amplifiers! Even if the competitors price is the same, Ben Jacks "new" instruments are just that, New! Some competitors pass off used (returns or refurbs) as new when they should be half the price as new. If they offer refunds for 30 days, beware of paying twice as much as you should for a used instrument called "new". While others offer return or refurb "discounts" of a mere 10% or so when it should be more like 40% to 60% off if used. Returns are used! Used is used! Shop smart shop at Ben Jacks where New is New!


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